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College of Life Sciences Scholarship Application Form

March 1st for Fall/Winter scholarships

The application form for the College of Life Sciences Scholarships will be used to apply for BOTH college scholarships and departmental scholarships from your respective department.  You only need to complete the form once, it will be forwarded to your department after college scholarship selections are made.

Apply here for:

  • College of Life Sciences Private Scholarships
    • Approximately 150 different privately donated scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students.
    • Academic Scholarships
    • Need-based Scholarships
    • Other contributing criteria include service, leadership, nationality, hometown, major, emphasis, dependent children, ethnicity, etc.
    • One application online allows students to apply for all scholarships for which they qualify.
  • Departmental Private Scholarships

Who should apply?

  • Full-time undergraduate students enrolled for 12 or more credit hours and officially admitted (enrolled in a major) in the College of Life Sciences.
  • Full-time undergraduate transfer students enrolled for 12 or more credit hours and are planning to be officially enrolled in a major in the College of Life Sciences. (Scholarships will not be awarded until you are officially enrolled but you may apply before being enrolled.)
  • Graduate students in the College of Life Sciences may be eligible for Department scholarships only. If the Department offers those scholarships, eligibility and amounts awarded will be determined by that Department.

Who should not apply?

  • Part-time students. University policy states that undergraduates must carry 14 hours to be eligible for scholarship assistance in fall/winter.
  • Students who have been awarded 8 semesters of scholarships, excluding Spring and Summer Terms.
  • Students who will have over 160 total hours after the current Winter Semester, excluding Advanced Placement credit.
  • Students who will not have completed at least 12 credit hours at BYU (excluding AP and transfer credit) by March 1st.
  • Students who have a Hinckley Presidential Scholarship, a Heritage Scholarship, or a National Merit Scholarship.
  • Students who have already received a University Scholarship award from BYU (2 semesters, full tuition) for the upcoming academic year.

Application Process:

Note: You may return to this online application and edit your information any time before the deadline.
  1. If you have a GPA of 3.7 or above, you must apply for a University Scholarship.  Otherwise you will not be considered for a College Scholarship. Graduate students do not need to apply for a Univeristy Scholarship.
  2. Complete the online application before the deadline.
  3. Letters of Recommendation must be submitted on-line.  Instructions will be given at step 6 as you complete the application form.

 I certify that the information I will provide in this application packet is true and accurate.

For questions or comments contact:

College of Life Sciences Student Services
2060 LSB
(801) 422-3042

The online application will be available until March 1st